Conscious Finance Book

CF2FrontCover-Small-150Conscious Finance may forever change the way you view money. If you want to enhance your life, resolve the blocks to your financial success, and learn new financial skills, this book is for you. It provides practical, personal tools to understand and reshape the unconscious beliefs about money that may be keeping you stuck.

We may think our money decisions are governed by logic and facts, but in reality they are driven by our emotions. We base them on deep beliefs about money that we don’t even know we have. Many of our most crucial financial decisions are shaped by our reliance on unconscious “money truths” that are not always true.

Conscious Finance can help you identify and reframe those beliefs, allowing you to break free of destructive money patterns and learn to make money decisions with more deliberation and awareness. In a practical, personal way, it offers a plan for building a comfortable and productive relationship with money.

Although it includes essential information on investing, budgeting, estate planning, and asset protection, this book goes far beyond strategies for solving immediate money problems. Its goal is to help you learn to use money in a healthy, conscious way to support your goals and build the life you want.

Available in print ($16.95) and e-edition ($5.99).

Buy print or Kindle editions at Amazon.

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