Find An Endorsed Financial Planner

Financial Integration combines traditional financial planning and instruction with experiential counseling techniques to stimulate the kind of behavioral change necessary to create a balanced and healthy relationship with money. There is a small but growing network of professionals in both counseling and financial planning who have addressed their own money issues and who embrace financial integration. A few of them are moving into the emerging field of financial therapy.

We endorse the financial planners listed here, all of whom are committed to the principles discussed in Conscious Finance. They meet our strict screening standards and are the best practitioners in the field of Financial Integration that are currently known to us. When you contact these professionals, let them know you found their name on our website.

If you are a financial planner who practices according to the principles of Conscious Finance and would like to be added to the list, please contact us.

Harv Ames, CFP
Peterborough NH
603-924-9939, 800-258-9939

Bob Bolen, CFP, CFA
Founder of Touchstone Pathway
Franklin TN

Elissa Buie, CFP
Yeske Buie
Falls Church VA

Holly Gillian-Kindel, CFP
Mosaic Financial Partners
San Francisco CA

Jonathan T. Guyton, CFP
Edina MN

Melissa Hammel, CFP
Brentwood TN

Michael Haubrich, CFP
Racine WI

Holly Hunter, CFP
Portsmouth NH

Elizabeth Jetton, CFP
Atlanta GA

Troy Jones, CFP
Oklahoma City OK

Rick Kahler, MS, CFP
Rapid City SD

Gayle Knight-Colman, CFP
Carlisle MA
978-371-2015, 978-369-1504

Cicily Carson Maton, CFP
Chicago Illinois

Bobbie D. Munroe, CFP
Atlanta GA

Paul Murk, CFP
Walnut Creek CA

Kathleen S. Parks, CFP, CRPS
Knoxville Tennessee

Michael Smith, CFP
Atlanta GA

Marcee Yager, CFP
Los Gatos CA
408-395-2207, (408) 395-3422

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